About Us

Smartkidz - Classroom without Walls

The Smartkidz Heritage Club (Smartkidz) is a registered Not for Profit Organization established to promote educational activities, build life skills, and endear kids to the African Heritage.

At Smart Kids Club, we are passionate about building life skills for our kids and endearing them to our heritage.

SmartKidz Club is a conglomerate of activities for kids to build life skills beyond the walls of the classroom. Some of this activities

  • Cooking time
  • Kitchen time
  • Story time
  • Debates
  • African-Themed Art and Craft
  • Language workshop sessions
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Our Conviction

A people’s cultural heritage and natural history are precious and unique. Culture and its history encompasses morals, beliefs, and aims. They form a people’s national identity and our conviction is that it is essential to preserve our cultural heritage to maintain our identity.

Our vision

To be the 'go to' organization for people looking to learn more about and embrace the African culture

Our Believe

At smartkidz we believe that a clear sense of "who you are" makes it easier to connect with other (similar) people and groups. People (Kids) with a strong identity often stand out more and are more memorable. Identity also helps us to make decisions and to know how to behave

Our goal

Our goal is to ensure a platform for continual sensitization to pass down our legacy to the future generation.

Our Impact

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The SmartKidz club provides a medium for children to get educated on a wide array of important subject matters spanning outside typical academic curriculum.

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Through our series of activities, the SmartKidz club has helped bring club members closer to the African Heritage through African stories, dishes and cultural activities

kitchen time

Life Skills

The SmartKidz club places a strong emphasis on life skills such as cooking skills and camping skills amongst others. This is aimed at equipping it members with life-long survival skills


Better Society

The SmartKidz club believes in the “catching them young” mantra. Through our carefully curated activities we are shaping kids into better adults which in turn betters the society

Looking Into the Future

Vision 2022

  • Partnership with schools and relevant stakeholders
  • Increased Publicity

  • Organizing “invite a friend” events

  • The SmartKidz club seeks to partner with over 20 schools within the community. Partnership with the selected schools will provide a medium to have access to and sign-on more kids into the club
  • Consequently, this avails the club an opportunity to impact more kids by Educating them about the African Heritage and equipping them with life-long skills such as cooking, camping and arts etc.

SmartKidz’ website will serve as our shop window and often the first touchpoint for prospective club members to find out more about our club activities, get our contact details and engage with the club.

We envisage a cheerful website that is easy to navigate and clearly communicates the details of our club and all its activities as a great starting point to attract our prospective member’s attention

More robust club activities to span across;

Sporting activities

Intellectual stimulating events

Educative competitions such as debates

More history/heritage themed events amongst many others

Our Potential Partnership Universe

Club’s Events So Far